0032 - Temporary Tattoos

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Size: 5" x 3"

Note: Individual tattoos can be cut from sheet.

How to Apply Temporary Tattoos?
1. Before applying temporary tattoos, clean the intended area with soap and water and then dry properly.
2. Prepare a warm wet washcloth by running it under water.
3. Remove the clear protective plastic from the top to expose the adhesive backing and Position the self-adhesive temporary tattoo with the pattern or design facing down on the intended location
4. Hold the wet washcloth against the back of the tattoo and apply pressure on the paper backing evenly to saturate the entire tattoo so that it ensures proper transfer.
5. Continue to press for a minimum of 30-60 seconds before you remove the wet cloth and gently peel off the tattoo paper backing until it slides off easily.
6. Carefully lift the corners of the backing to ensure that it was applied properly to the area. If it does not, then dab and drench the tattoo again for 30 more seconds.
7. Allow some time to dry the entire area of the tattoo.

How to Remove Temporary Tattoos?
Saturate it with baby oil, nail polish remover, or alcohol cleanser for 20-30 seconds and then wipe the area clean with wet cloth.

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